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Basketball falls short....again

The Academic Progress Report (APR), released today by the NCAA, reveals that the majority of Georgia Tech student-athletes are excelling in the classroom and progressing towards graduation.

Yes, the majority. Now can you guess which sport doesn't fall in the category? BASKETBALL! We "recruit well" but lose. We get the "players we need" but they leave early. Now our Academic Progress Report is not sufficient. The only sport at GT that failed at it. And no matter how you say these reports look at the wrong statistics, it's the same across the board. And F'ING UGA passed! Because of our failing grade, we lose 2 scholariships. Since we were warned about this in July, we already gave them up.

The Yellow Jacket men's basketball team multi-year rate dipped below
the 925 threshold, which triggers an automatic penalty in the loss of
two scholarships. Tech learned in June (2008) that this would be the
likely outcome for the men's basketball program and elected to forego
two scholarships for the 2008-09 season, playing with 11 scholarship
players instead of the maximum of 13. Because of this action, Georgia
Tech anticipates utilizing all 13 scholarships for the 2009-10 season.

Here's the Scoring Chart:

Multi-Year Rate Comparison by Sport:

Team 2006-07 2007-08
Baseball 974 *989
Men's Basketball 931 914
Men's Cross Country 950 974
Football 951 957
Golf 1000 *1000
Men's Swimming 975 970
Men's Tennis 959 961
Men's Indoor Track 951 955
Men's Outdoor Track 949 953
Women's Basketball 957 952
Women's Cross Country 993 993
Softball 967 981
Women's Swimming 997 994
Women's Tennis 985 978
Women's Indoor Track 988 986
Women's Outdoor Track 990 988
Volleyball 990 *1000

Can anything happen right for Paul Hewitt? I don't know you feel sorry for him or what but it sure doesn't cool down his hot seat. It's been 5 years since the 2004 Final Four run in San Antonio. LSU's Jon Brady was dismissed 2 years after the Tiger's run. At what point do you say "Enough"?