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When Johnson speaks, people listen

Very good article by Barnhart at the AJC. If you have time to read a couple minutes, read it. It's reassuring knowing that former players are solidly backing CPJ - something Gailey never really had.

And in case you haven't noticed, Mark Teixeira was booed mercilessly by his hometown Orioles fans in the Yankees' first series in Baltimore. I don't really get the anger that Northeastern fans have when it comes to baseball. I understand that he "looked" at a Baltimore deal but the Orioles weren't bringing the dough.

You'd never see Atlanta fans booing an Atlanta native that signs with Mets/Phillies. Plus, every time a former ATL great comes back to Turner Field, he usually receives an ovation for his services rendered. I think the sadder part is that Mark went 0-4 with 5 LOB meaning if he doesn't get his act together, the Yankee fans are gonna boo him, too.

Side note - that 7th inning for the Braves yesterday was terrible. Not quite as terrible as Tech's pounding received by GSU yesterday but still pretty terrible.