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What happened this weekend...

My weekend:

8. Great weather for golf. I dream of breaking 100.
7. A bidet was installed in a friend's house.
6. Watched NFL Draft as four GT players were selected.
5. Watched gametracker or listen to radio as Tech dropped 2 of 3 to Clemson @ Clemson.
4. $2 dollar Moe's burritos that took 3 strokes off your golf score for each burrito consumed.
3. A huge ass fire in Myrtle Beach prevented any safe attempts at going to the beach.
2. A drunk friend drinking from the bidet in #7 like a water fountain.
1. The same drunk friend in #2 stripping to his underpants and almost blowing his engagement with his fiancé.

Winfield/Dane's weekend:

1. Study for finals.

Point Bird. Game. Set. Match.