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Wednesday News Flash: Suck it Mutts!

  • You can't beat us this year. Football, baseball, basketball. The sweet smell of victory! Softball is the only "major" sport you can talk about right now.

  • Rumors are spreading that the AJC/Cox Media is cutting more writers/ columnists from their staff. That includes the likes of Terrence Moore, and the GT beat writers Larry Harstein and Ken Suguira. There is absolutely no love lost between me and Terrence Moore. He can fall off a cliff for all I care. As for Larry and Ken, they were decent enough and brought up discussion points, so good luck to them both.

  • The AJC cutting writers is all the more reason to follow Coley Harvey at the Macon Telegraph. He goes above and beyond and is making the extra effort to draw readers and followers into his section of the newspaper. Follow Coley Harvey.

  • A bash against Paul Hewitt?? It's not the first time people question him about player development. This is a report on Alade Aminu's performance at the Portsmouth Invitational. Specifically:
    Comparing the way Aminu played at Portsmouth with what we can now see from his film at Georgia Tech reveals a pretty stark contrast—it doesn’t seem like he was utilized very well at all in college from what we can tell. Aminu was an absolute devastating force as a pick and roll finisher for his Norfolk Naval Shipyard team—thanks to his tremendous combination of size, length, terrific hands and excellent mobility. At Georgia Tech he was barely used in this fashion at all—just 4.3% of his offensive possessions came on the pick and roll. They looked incredibly disorganized in the film we took in, with no point guard, no system, and very little ball-movement. It appeared that Aminu often was asked to play very far from the basket, and pretty much all of his shots were opportunities that he was forced to create on his own.