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A Travel Curfew? WTF?

Absolutely nothing got accomplished this past weekend as the Jackets literally tied the entire series. GT won Friday/ Saturday (rain delay), lost Saturday evening, and tied, yes tied Sunday afternoon. Why was the game not finished? Because someone high up somewhere deems is necessary to give a travel curfew to collegiate teams. WTF. I don't know if this is an ACC rule or a UVA rule. It seems like a UVA rule. Something about it just reeks of a gross mix of sportscoat, necktie, and snob.

"We feel like we wasted some opportunities this weekend, but Virginia is a very good team" was the quote from Danny Hall after the game this weekend. Basically we played like we've always played. We beat the teams we are supposed to but canNOT take care of business against the teams we HAVE to beat.

So where does this weekend put us? Still at the top. The shuffle all stayed below us. Here are the current Coastal Standings:

1. Georgia Tech 10-5-1 in conference
2. Miami 11-7 in conference
3. Virginia 9-6-1 in conference
4. UNC 10-7 in conference

Next ACC Series is @ Wake Forest this upcoming weekend