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Tech practice facility

Tech is building an 8.5 million dollar practice facility. I don't really understand the article when it says that the teams were strapped for practice time/locations when the Freshmen Gym is also within the AMC structure. Seems like AMC and the Freshmen Gym provide ample space for both teams practicing schedules. I think this may be moreso a recruiting tool and a means to preserve the AMC floor.

The dig against Tech and for Georgia in the article is slightly unfair in that Tech doesn't have millions of acres of cow pastures to build on. Land is limited in REAL cities. Speaking of Georgia...

Tech travels to Athens in softball today. Tech is undefeated under Coach Perkins against the Dogs, going 4-0 in Perkins' four attempts. Tech has also won 6 of the last 7 against the bullgirls. Game starts at 4:50pm and will be broadcast off of

Thoughts on the practice facility or GTAA expenditures are welcome.