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Stadium Checklist

Anyone out there got a goal of reaching certain stadiums? I know I do. I'm trying to hit up the entire ACC/SEC before I pass by my football game traveling prime (young/single) years.

So far my fandom has taken me to the following ACC/SEC houses:

* Alumni Stadium (BC)
* Carter-Finley Stadium (NCSU)
* Jordan-Hare Stadium (Auburn)
* Lane Stadium (VT)
* Memorial Stadium (CU)
* Sanford Stadium (uga)
* Scott Stadium (UVA)
* Williams-Brice Stadium (USC)

I've also been to Notre Dame, Furman, Georgia Southern, GA Dome, and ALL-TEL Stadium for CFB games. The goal for this season is Vandy and FSU so that'll continue my slow completion of the Southeastern checklist. I don't really have much motivation to attend the Mississippi State game despite their inclusion in the SEC. Sort of like all the times I've been offered free tickets to go to Duke...and I just ask myself, "Why bother?"

If I could hit up a few games outside of the Southeast, I'd go to Penn State, Oregon, and maybe Michigan/Ohio State. Those seem like three stadiums where the atmosphere would be similar to the Southeastern stadiums.

Any well traveled fans out there? Got any good stories of travel or dream stadium visitations?