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Spring Practice Report for 4/8/09

I'm sorry I didn't post a practice report for Monday, but it was cold and there was really nothing special going on. The only news that came out of Monday was that Dieke and Hill made it back onto the field. The first string offense also got the best of the first string defense about 50% of the time on Monday. Josh looked pretty good. Today was a lot warmer and the baseball game was going on in the background.

1. I counted 7 players on the beach. I noticed Cooper wasn't playing today. I don't know where he was. I also didn't see Earls practicing.

2. Tarrant by far looks like our best bet at punt returner and is probably the favorite going into the end of Spring. He consistently catches the ball, and that will pretty much ensure that he will see the field as a returner.

3. The receivers and the corners had an interesting drill today. The coach would throw down a white hat at the line of scrimmage and it was the receiver's job to keep the corner from scooping it up. The corners consistently got the best of the receivers and the only wideout that stood out was Bebe. When he attacks a corner, that player is no longer involved in the play. I hope the others can follow his example and give us something powerful on the opposite side of the field.

4. Now we come to the passing drills. What can I say, I saw about 40 drops out there today. The QBs were making some decent throws and the receivers and A-backs were consistently dropping them. Sometimes the QBs would make a horrible throw and the receivers would make a great run to get to the ball only to drop it in the end. I don't know what was going on.

I had to leave around 5PM, so I didn't get to see the scrimmage part. I hope it was a lot better than what happened earlier in practice. I'll write more in depth reports on Friday and Saturday when I have more free time.

Also, there was some mildly exciting news. One certain corner jumped over this other corner on the depth chart. I think you all can guess who was who.