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Spring Practice Report for 4/15/09

Today's last Spring practice was absolutely beautiful. It was in the high 60s and the sun was definitely out. Not a lot of people showed up to watch, but there were some new faces to practice. Adamm Oliver made it out today and even heard he is going to try out with the Falcons tomorrow. Hope he has the best of luck! :)

1. I counted 8 players on the beach. All the QBs were wearing orange/gold non-contact jerseys while practicing today. I guess CPJ at least wants two healthy QBs for Saturday's game. Josh wore a gold jersey and did not participate in any drills or scrimmages.

2. They started the day off with a mass huddle and a speech by Homer Rice. This lasted for a couple of minutes and then everyone broke up into special teams. They worked on a mixture of punt returns and kickoff returns. Since there was no contact, it was a little hard to tell if anyone was really doing well. It still looks like our two main options at punt returner are Tarrant and Roddy.

3. Instead of breaking into position drills, the offense and defense went head to head in a scrimmage to really get the day going. All offensive teams were getting stuffed by the defenses and there were only a couple of plays that really got more than 2 or 3 yards. The interior defensive line came to play. The defensive tackles were just closing up any holes that could have opened up.

4. They then broke into position drills and the receivers and corners did the towel drill some more. None of the receivers today, including Bebe, looked like they came to play. Every time a corner would get to the towel. The receivers just couldn't keep the corners away. They just couldn't get their blocks right. Hopefully, this will improve when summer practices start.

5. Jaybo looked pretty smooth in the 7 on 7 passing drills today. He threw some really nice passes that were just like threading a needle. This backfired a couple of times though when he would just force the ball into triple coverage and the pass would either get broken up or intercepted. He walked a fine line and sometimes payed for it when he made a bad throw. Tevin looked pretty bad and had many wobbly passes. He still has a while to go before he becomes an effective passer. He has progressed a lot since last summer. That isn't saying much though since he couldn't have really gotten any worse.

6. The final scrimmage of the day lasted about 30 minutes. This time the offense finally adjusted and got rolling. Jaybo looked smooth with his reads and pitches and broke several nice runs. The offensive line started getting a really nice push by the end of practice and did significantly better in pass protection. The coaches constantly switched A-backs and B-backs between the first and second team. Dwyer and Allen had some nice runs. Jaybo looked smooth and accurate when passing. Preston Lyons came in a couple of times with the first string offense and had some really nice runs up the center of the field. He broke a couple that could have went for touchdowns had the coaches not blown the whistle. I am so impressed with him.

Spring practice is now officially over and the T-day game is the final presentation. Hopefully the team will take what they learned this Spring and really apply it toward next season. The future's so bright I gotta wear shade!