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Spring Practice Report for 4/11/09

It was a little chilly this morning, but that didn't keep a sizable crowd from coming out and enjoying the scrimmage. I also counted about a hundred recruits and their parents. It might not have been a hundred, but there sure were a lot of them.

1. The first string offense started against the first string defense. The offense was just on a roll. They were racking up about 5 yards a carry. They even converted two 4th downs. The offensive line was getting a good push on pretty much every run play. On one pass play the offensive line let a linebacker get by and rush after Josh to the left. Bebe saw this and came back to help Josh out by flattening the linebacker. That was one gigantic smack. Later on that same first drive, there was what looked like a minor injury. Jaybo then came in and led the first string offense without missing a beat. Jaybo ran in for the score. The first drive took quite a while and spanned 70 yards. After the first drive, the defense tightened up and held the first string offense to two three and outs. CPJ then made some adjustments and the offense began several epic marches down the field. Jaybo ran in for two more touchdowns. Dwyer played really only on the first drive and did quite well. Watson subbed in for Dwyer and had several really nice carries. Later in the scrimmage, Preston Lyons came in at B-back and had a great day. Mind you, this was with the first string and he was constantly getting upfield and had one 30+ yard run. Preston had just another amazing scrimmage. The A-backs also had a good day and were getting their guys on the ground. There were many times where I saw defensive backs with their legs flying up in the air. Jefferson and Burnett had a great day and were in on many key tackles. Overall the defense did a really nice job of solid tackling and keeping the offense from breaking long plays.

2. The second/third string offense played against the second/third string defense. I can say that the defense had the offense pretty well under control for most of the scrimmage. The defensive line was getting serious penetration and Tevin really didn't have time to do anything. There were times where he would get hit right after taking the snap. Tevin also fumbled several times and lost some of them. Even though he was constantly bogged down by the defense, Tevin did have a couple of really nice runs and scored on one really long one.

3. There were only a couple of field goals attempted today. Blair missed what looked like a pretty easy field goal. Another kicker made his from around the same area. Blair made all his extra point attempts and a backup missed one of his.

I almost forgot that Ron "Giving him the business" Cherry was reffing the scrimmage today.