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Spring Practice Report for 4/1/09

It teetered between overcast and sunny at practice today. I wasn't able to stay till practice ended because I had a flag football game that I had to attend. I stayed till 5PM and did see quite a bit though.

1. I only saw 6 people on the beach today. I could not find Cooper Taylor at practice. I don't know where he was. He might have just missed practice due to a previous engagement.

2. They practiced kickoff returns for the entire beginning of practice. They worked on creating the wedge and racing toward the returner. They had a variety of people taking the returns, but Tarrant looked exceptionally good.

3. When they broke up into position type drills, there were certain corners I saw that got lots of praise. It looked like Corey Earls is picking things up rather quickly and probably will see quite a bit of playing time when the season starts. Tarrant is still knocking the rest of the rust off, but he is just so athletic, it's hard not to notice him.

4. They had one drill today where the receivers worked just against the corners with an assistant throwing the ball. The receivers made some amazing catches and the corners were playing as tight of coverage as you will ever see. I was very impressed by both sides. The rest of the defense worked on getting off cut blocks and then getting to the ball carrier. The QBs had a rather mediocre day throwing as far as I saw. The receivers are the ones who I thought really shined today.

5. The highlight of what I saw today was the emergence of several new offensive plays. I have never seen these 3 or so plays ever run before. All the plays are "set up" plays and just add more to CPJ's chess set. One of these plays is going to be absolutely devastating when we use it. I don't think any defense will be able to stop it if we get our blocking right.

I wasn't there after their water break, but I can only assume that they scrimmaged the new plays several times. I will be at practice on Friday and Saturday for the entire length so look for more detailed reports the next two practices.