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Spring Practice Report for 4/10/09

Although it was a bit overcast, the temperature was perfect. Not many people showed up today, but I expect a pretty big crowd for tomorrow's scrimmage.

1. I counted 8 people on the beach today. I noticed that Luke Cox was not practicing today. I don't know where he was.

2. During the early part of practice, they worked on kick returns. Let's just say that we still need a lot more practice before we start tearing up the field. I counted a couple of times where the returner either dropped the ball or got hit right after catching it. We got a long way still to go.

3. They did the towel drill again with the receivers and corners. In case you didn't read my earlier reports, this drill involves the coach dropping a towel at the line of scrimmage and then the receiver runs five yards off the line and then tries to keep the corner from getting to the towel. The only consistent receiver out there was Bebe. His guy really never even sniffed the towel. Tyler Melton also did a nice job, but was still a little inconsistent. The rest of the receivers flat out got owned. You could tell that our corners really wanted that towel.

4. The passing game today was the complete opposite of what I saw on Wednesday. Our QBs were just on fire today. I rarely saw a poorly thrown ball and the receivers limited themselves to very few drops. It looked like a real passing offense out there. In the passing drills, it just looked like our QBs were staying cool and delivering the goods. I was very impressed with Josh today.

5. During the first scrimmage, the first string offense came out on fire. They were just ripping the defense apart. The second string offense also faired pretty well. Josh was in complete control and the offensive line was giving the backs some room to run. I didn't see one pass play. The first string defense, though, did manage to tighten up and limit the offense near the end of the first scrimmage.

6. After breaking apart into offense and defense, the team came together for the second and final scrimmage of the day. Once again, the first string offense was a force to reckoned with. The run game was gaining chunks of yardage and even when things went wrong they were still getting about 4 yards a play. The second string offense led by Jaybo and Tevin seemed to struggle a little more in the second scrimmage and fumbled a couple of balls away. I saw about two or three pass plays, and all of them looked pretty good. Josh was just killing them with the quick short yardage throws. The offensive line held relatively good pass coverage and gave Josh a little bit of time to make his throws.

7. There was a little scuffle that broke out in one of the scrimmages. I saw about 4 or so players involved in the fight and several of the players had to be dragged away. CPJ didn't look to happy, but this stuff happens from time to time. It only lasted a couple of minutes and the scrimmage continued uninterrupted.

8. CPJ continues to introduce new plays and all I can tell you is that we are definitely going to cause some defensive coordinators to lose some sleep. I am amazed at the different ways he makes plays out of the same formations. The defenses we face just won't see it coming.

Hopefully, this wasn't a fluke day for our passing game and we will continue this type of play into the Spring game and fall.