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Roddy Jones Replay

The 54 yard TD by Roddy Jones against ugag is an excellent clip of our triple option at work. You see the fake to Dwyer (21), the option by Nesbitt (9), and the downfield blocking. The above diagram shows the GA defenders that could make a play (red) and those completely removed from the play (black).

GA is lined up in a 4-4 with press coverage on the wideouts. The right cornerback (2) is blocked and removed eventually by Bebe. This is actually a poor block attempt but who's judging? Cox (36) destroys the free safety (4), which basically creates the touchdown after the right outside linebacker (3) takes a terrible angle on Roddy (20). The free safety recovers pretty well and tries to knock Roddy out of bounds but isn't strong enough and the TD is scored.

I really enjoy watching these dog clips.