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Non-rev update!

Softball swept N.C. State this weekend, winning their first game on Friday 8-0 by walking our last run in during the 5th, and taking the rain-delay and regularly scheduled games on Saturday. A massive shoutout goes to those fans standing behind the third home dugout who went on the mental offensive, pointing out the fact that #12 and #21 should not be playing third and shortstop due to their fielding inabilities. (Yes, I was part of those fans).

Women's Tennis fell 4-3 at Duke this past weekend. It was a tough loss, but the good news is that as 4th seed for the ACC tournament we will still receive a first round bye. That leaves us playing either FSU or NC State in the second round according to the ACC's bracket, and since we've already beat FSU once, I'm feeling pretty good about it. The women's tournament will be held in Greensboro, North Carolina. Check out the bracket here.

Men's Golf came in third at last week's U.S. Collegiate Championships. Clemson took another title (repeating their 2006 team's efforts), and Stanford was the only other school to finish higher than us. That's right, we beat Georgia, who came in at fourth. We also placed higher that Georgia in individual competition. Yes, we know, "ARP ARP ARP GYMDAWGS"

Men's tennis lost to Duke on Friday. Ugh. That means they play this Friday in Greensboro, seeded 7th in the ACC tournament. Good luck Jackets!