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NFL Draft Thoughts III

The ACC faired pretty in the 2009 NFL Draft having 4 players selected in the top 10. Heyward-Bey was a pretty big shock but then again the Raiders are always shocking in the Draft.

The ACC had 33 players selected, which was second behind the SEC for most picks. Maryland and UNC had the most ACC players selected in the '09 Draft with 5 apiece (Tech was tied with Clemson/UVA at 4). Miami, interestingly enough, didn't have a player selected until the 6th round. This ended a 14 year streak of first round draft picks from the U. Not surprising considering all of the talent in Florida has been going to UF or leaving the state since Ron Zook took over the Gators and Coker started coaching the U.

Georgia Tech
Generally speaking, you're always disappointed with where your hometown players are selected. You're happy Calvin was selected #2 but you wished he was #1. So when Michael Johnson fell to the 3rd round, there was little surprise that the Yellow Jacket Family freaked out considering his dominating senior season that appeared "inconsistent" to NFL scouts.

I'm incredibly happy both our DT's got drafted. Honestly, there probably aren't any other teams in the country that had three players drafted off their starting DL. And I'm positive Derrick Morgan will end up on a roster in a couple years.

Atlanta Falcons
I've gotta talk about the ATL hometown team. The Falcons drafted all defense except one OT. It makes a whole lot of sense since we lost 5 defensive starters (including GT's Keith Brooking). Overall the Falcons draft was great but there's gonna be a helluva young secondary next year with little experience for a couple years to come.

The Falcons also finally picked a GT player since coincidentally Keith Brooking's selection in 1998. Vance Walker will definitely find a spot for at least a couple of seasons and we'll see what happens. I wouldn't be surprised if he finds himself starting in 2-3 years.

Any thoughts on the sporting weekend are welcome unless they pertain to a certain baseball series.