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NFL Draft Thoughts II

I saw this grading system for players on and thought I'd share it with everyone. Here's a breakdown of some notable ACC players as well as ours:

B.J. Raji (BC) - 4.21
Ron Brace (BC) - 3.88
Michael Hamlin (CU) - 3.55
James Davis (CU) - 3.43
Aaron Kelly (CU) - 3.40
Cullen Harper (CU) - 3.30
Everette Brown (FSU) - 4.25
Darius Heyward-Bey (MD) - 4.04
Andre Brown (NCSU) - 3.23
Hakeem Nicks (UNC) - 3.99
Trimaine Goddard (UNC) - 3.23
Brandon Tate (UNC) - 3.42
Eugene Monroe (UVA) - 4.26
Cedric Peerman (UVA) - 3.63
Victor "Macho" Harris (VT) - 3.50
Sean Glennon (VT) - 2.55
Aaron Curry (Wake) - 4.36
Sam Swank (Wake) - 3.50

GT Players
Michael Johnson - 3.99
Vance Walker - 3.48
Andrew Gardner - 3.40
Darryl Richard - 3.32
Jahi Word-Daniels - 3.29

I linked the GT players to their combine profiles for additional reading. I find it interesting just because I've watched a lot these ACC players for four years thinking they were unstoppable or great at the college level. Then, you see them get torn down like a bunch of mediocre talent by NFL scouts. I think the ratings are also interesting in that Miami/Duke only have one player in the same class as GT's five. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Also, a shoutout to Brendan From Old Virginia as one of the few Detroit Lions fans left. View Calvin Johnson and the new Detroit Lions jerseys here.

Thoughts on the upcoming draft/college football season welcome.