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My sanity is nearing the breaking point

Sorry that I suck so badly, everybody. It's finals time, and for some reason I am putting school ahead of every other activity I do.

It's a strange feeling, but I think its a good thing.

Anyway, I'm just letting you know I'm not dead and am planning on getting back into posting this week, and you will hear from me plenty following this week of hell.

I'd just like to note to everyone that GHSA soccer playoffs are in full swing, and my Warner Robins Demons took a first round W against Union Grove, 2-0. They play Wednesday against a team that hasn't seen but one victory against an opponent with a winning record, so the chances we will see them in the Elite 8 are pretty good. However, the Demons would then go on to face either the hottest team in the state, Centennial, or Peachtree Ridge (another top 10 team who actually beat Centennial earlier in the season).

High school soccer playoffs are really, really exciting. While the skill level is not dumbfounding, the amount of hustle and passion on the field rivals that of any other sporting event. If you can get to a game, go. I'll hopefully be watching the Demons play somewhere next Saturday, given they win their next game.

More to come on college sports.

Please leave all well-informed insults of soccer in the comments. They are always a good laugh.