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Jeremy Tyler debate

So this junior in high school, Jeremy Tyler, wants to go to Europe instead of finishing high school. I understand there's money and "refining his game" but I ask why are his parents pushing him so hard? Why can't they wait a year? Guys play in the NBA or Europe for years.

To me, a kid should be a kid. Money is one thing but you're only a kid with zero responsibility and some semblance of freedom for a short period of time. He says he doesn't care about high school, prom, dating, etc. but that's because he's never experienced it all. And he won't get the chance to experience it because all his father sees (who is the driving force behind him leaving high school early) is $$$.

It seems like a story of exploitation. A story of the father that has pushed his kid too far because he is living vicariously through the kid. I already know Jacob will disagree with me on this whole issue. But I feel like the NBA/basketball needs to draw a line in the sand that separates adults getting paid from exploitation of youth.

Adults make adult decisions because they were allowed to grow and make mistakes. These kids are thrown into adult situations with millions of dollars, women, drugs, etc., and it just seems wrong. A modern slavery disguised by the jewelry, escalades, and big contracts. It's like, "We're paying you a lot so it IS the dream life." I guess he'll be okay because he's fulfilling that "MTV Cribs Image" that's fed to American youth now-a-days. Living in a million dollar, gadget filled McMansion.