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It's only fair to the teams on our schedule

That's what I told myself for comfort upon hearing that Cooper Taylor, who we just recently lauded for his physical achievements and general badassery, will be out for the rest of Spring Practices. DFJ noticed his absence yesterday in his practice report, and soon enough the AJC explained where exactly he was - out with a knee injury.

This really is a tough time to have Taylor, who is receiving a lot of hype for next season, not getting practice time in at the "Wolf" safety/linebacker hybrid position, which is semi-new for this season (at least, it appears it is going to be our official scheme now). Coop has seen reps at this position at day one, and was officially tapped as the man for the job.

However, there is good news in the second link in this post - our favorite defensive player, the one and only Morgan Burnett, who led the nation in picks last year, is taking a leadership role on D. Hell, if our secondary starts mimicking Morgan this year, we will have the most solid corps I've seen since becoming a Yellow Jacket.