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Falcons GM comments on drafting Walker

Here are some quotes from the ajc about Vance Walker and why the Falcons drafted him with the seventh pick:
We saw a guy who has some versatility to him. He has some natural leverage ability about him, to be able to hold the point. But also combines that with some upfield ability. He can be a one-gap guy which is very important in Mike Smith’s scheme and his scheme going forward... Vance was another top notch leader in his program.
Vance Walker is gonna play for the Falcons. It's kinda ridiculous how low our guys were drafted this draft and generally how underrated all Tech players are coming out of college (e.g. Dawan Landry, James Butler, Key Fox, Daryl Smith, etc.).
Also, Pat Swilling was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Indiana. Swilling was the twelfth Jacket to be selected into the CFB Hall of Fame and the most recent since Randy Rhino's induction in 2002. Swilling was on the infamous "Black Watch Defense" of Bill Curry's coaching stint. The best defensive players got black GT's and black stripes for their helmets. Pretty cool motivation tool, if you ask me.