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Day 8: College BBall is Over

I started my day listening to Mike/Mike. It was fine until missed the carpool and in the chaos of driving alone down Highway 52, spilled my soda right into my lap. I survived the spill but the Michigan State Spartans didn't.

Last night was a classic beatdown. State didn't have the horses. Hell, no one had the horses to run with UNC. The best nonbasketball point made in post-game wrap ups was this morning by Andy Katz. He pointed out that Michigan State saved the Final Four. Instead of being the worst attended Final Four (due to poor ticket sales from the other 3), the games set records for attendance because of MSU's proximity to Ford Field. 70,000+ in attendance.

I found it interesting, at least. Imagine a Final Four 50 miles from Tech with Tech in it (more like 3 miles from Tech)...that'd be sweet.

Another interesting tidbit from this weekend was Will Bynum's effort for the Pistons on Sunday. Pretty crazy that he's still doin' it in the NBA and arguably having the best career of the Final Four guys.

Final Conference Roundup
ACC: 9-6 (60.0%)
Big East: 17-7 (70.8%)
Big 10: 9-7 (56.3%)
Big 12: 10-7 (58.8%)
SEC: 1-3 (25.0%)
PAC 10: 6-6 (50.0%)
Other: 12-28 (30.0%)

NCAA Championship thoughts are welcome. Any musings about life in general are welcome.