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Why you would be happy if Cooper Taylor knocked up your daughter

As if this wouldn't be reason enough

A quick trip down memory lane: I was sitting against the endzone wall on the other end of the field, so my depth perception at this point is almost nothing. Every run looks like its probably going to be a touchdown. However, on this play, I see the ball pop into the air. I bury my head in my hands, and bend down - I can't watch. Winfield grabs me and starts shaking me screaming "WE GOT IT! WE GOT IT!" Celebration ensued.

Cooper Taylor kind of stood out his true freshmen year. Of course, the above video was clearly his highlight of the season, but all in all, he played well and got alot of love from everyone.

Let just sit and thing about that play for one more second. Think about it - that play is now part of Georgia Tech legend...

Now, Taylor has gone and outdone himself, at least as far as getting ready to make an impact on the next season goes. The 6'4", 195 lbs. true sophomore clocked in with a 4.38 second 40 yard dash - the fastest on the team. To make things even better he has the highest vertical leap on the team as well, slapping at 38.5 inches. While 4.38 seconds pales in comparison to times posted at some other programs, its great to see that a young standout player like Cooper is back and ready to roll for next season.

You may scowl as you stand there in your tux, cradling a shotgun inside the house of God as you force your daughter's hand away in marraige, but deep down inside, you'd be happy you have a little Taylor grandbaby on the way.

Heads up! Look for DFJ's Spring Practice Report soon!