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Well, Hey We're Back!

Well hello there everyone. Spring Break was absolutely fantastic. I had no phone signal while I was at the beach and I did not complain at all. While all of you were running in the Rat Race, we were here, living in the yellow house right on the beach.

This was living

And this was what I woke up to every day:

Simply Fantastic

I didn't fill out an NCAAT bracket. First time in years. Didn't really care either, but I've watched a bunch of the games. I guess the NCAA Tourney committee "got it right" with the seeding since there haven't been that many "upsets". Western Kentucky was about it.

So what's the big news today? Spring Practice begins TODAY! We will have a special correspondent working the sidelines and churning out full practice reports. So be sure to stay on the look out for exclusive spring practice reports here at The Legacyx4!

I will be especially interested to see our our D-Line shapes up. What is the one thing you are looking for?