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Wait! What?! There's MORE Basketball?

You mean we play basketball? Today? Oh. I thought you were kidding.
Oh wait, you were serious! Here in Atlanta? It's the ACC Tournament? No way. Who do we play again?

At least one more game on the schedule for the season. We play Clemson somewhere between 2:00-2:30 PM today. Can Tech pull of the win? We have seen stranger things happen (see last year in Atlanta....a tornado, the SEC on our court, etc) Lewis Clinch believes miracles can happen!

Either way, one member of The Legacy crew will be in attendance cheering on Georgia Tech for at least one more time this season. The winner gets F$U in the the second round, clearly an easier foe to upset than UNC, Duke or Wake Forest.

Here's the ESPN Preview of our game.
ACCSports take a look at the entire tournament
And finally Larry Hartstein blogs it.

Let's make some magic.