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Tech levels Kennesaw, builds playground

In case you haven't noticed, Tech's baseball offense is back to Danny Hall Form. We kicked the crap out of Kennesaw State outscoring the Owls 22-3 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tech pitchers contributed 21 strikeouts to the series, which ain't too shabby for a midweek pitching staff.

Next up is VT @ VT this weekend and it's probably gonna be a little chilly for baseball but Summer rapidly approaches. I don't know about y'all but I can't wait 'til I instantly get backsweat in the SC Summertime.

Also of note, Spring Practice starts this coming Monday. We should have some loyal fan reports from the sidelines of the Rose Bowl soon. Spring practice and the Spring scrimmage are where my dreams have been partially realized for about 8 or so years now. The raw talent, sloppy play, and coaches "public patience" is ridiculously amusing for a football starved fan. Can't wait.