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Sweet 16 and college bball thoughts

Sweet 16 play kicks off today with Duke as one of two remaining ACC teams alive playing Villanova at 9:57 PM. Why 9:57 PM? Beats the hell outta me. That's an awfully late tipoff for two EST teams especially when there's a Mizzou game tipping off 30 minutes earlier. I think someone messed up the programming schedule here unless Nova's viewing share is very small.

Concerning the game itself, both teams are probably confused as to what to do tonight. Both teams have an overwhelming urge to underperform and lose in embarassing fashion. A winner has to be decided. Prediction: Nova draws a technical for attempting to walk off court with a tie when buzzer sounds. Duke doesn't know how to miss free throws and wins by 1.

Seriously, this is gonna be a pillow fight. There may be 8 guards on the floor at tip off. Duke NEEDS to win for the ACC. "NEEDS" cannot be more emphasized.

Thoughts on Sweet 16 welcome.