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Subversion, sedition, sabotage

There is a serious problem with Georgia Tech athletics.

Everyone knows too much.

You see, all of the Spring Practices are TECHNICALLY open to the public, but we know of course that this is really only a courtesy, and only complete assholes would ever weasel their way into the Rose Bowl to get an early glimpse at our team. To make matters worse, when people are watching these "open" practices, they are actually committing them to memory, and furthermore, to written word! These so called fans have the audacity to barge onto the sides of practice like mangy, rabid dogs, who later regurgitate this information for others to see.

I was shocked when I first learned of these travesties, but upon further investigation, I realize that it simply wasn't blog posts that were relaying this secret information. In fact, message boards are actually being used to further break down this sensitive information, allowing any passersby to snatch said valuable data and run. The backstabbing didn't end there, with respected publications doling out information like slingers trying to get the kiddies hooked.

I was appalled at the widespread amount of whoring our kind were capable of, but I considered ending my fanhood and my own life when I discovered that the security leak wasn't a leak at all. That's right, it goes all the way to the top, with both the GTAA and our own Coach Paul Johnson freely providing our top secrets to everyone! The subversion has even infected this website, with DFJ plastering his football espionage all over the place! HAS THIS WORLD NO LOYALTY? NO DECENCY? WE MIGHT AS WELL CANCEL THE NEXT SEASON! WE'VE PUT ALL OUR PLAYERS AND PLANS IN THE LINE OF FIRE, AND THERE'S NO WAY TO STOP IT!

Unless of course you realize that simply reporting on spring practice, where most of the passes aren't caught, where you're happy to see only a handful of fumbles, and where coaches are more concerned with a player's fundamentals than any trick play hurts our chances to win this season about as much as your attendance at the games does. (Sorry, none of us are that important)

Why do I care enough to write this post? Mainly because of the doucher comments on this post on the North Avenue Bulletin. No, videos are not allowed. Neither are pictures. That's why you won't see any on this blog. A more appropriate way of dealing with the problem (if you really have a problem with NAB post...?), is to politely remind anyone you see at Spring Practice with a camera that pictures and video are not allowed. Of course, that would require you to not be completely anonymous (in other words, to have a pair and actually be able to communicate outside of the internet). I care because we are linked to the North Avenue Bulletin, so I can only imagine said doucher comments will soon spill over onto our blog (actually, we've had a few in the past, mostly mutts though). I'd really, really like to avoid that if at all possible.

We will do our best to bring you good, legitimately obtained info about everything that goes on in Georgia Tech athletics, especially football. We will not be posting pictures of practice. We will not be posting videos of practice. I'm sure as hell not lugging my laptop out to the Rose Bowl. We may report how crowded the beach is, but we won't name names. As much as we'd like to be powerful enough to unravel a major CFB team's plans with a 1 minute video (where the most intense thing is Butler backpedaling 5 steps), we are pretty sure that Coach Johnson and every other college football coach probably is way ahead of that game. To any grad assistant looking on here for insider information, to hell with whatever team you are working for, you are wasting your time, and you can probably get alot more information out of the insider subscription services that are out there. Seriously, you could probably register at at every ACC team's insider boards for less than Friedgen's weekly lunch budget.

However, if you are irate with anything we or anyone else ever posts about spring practices, somebody on this website can probably help you. Please, please spend the time you would leave writing a dickheaded comment and send an email first. If you are still feeling unsatisfied, well, I can't stop you from commenting. We are all ears, unless you aren't very nice. Then we will just make fun of you.

If you are from the GTAA and you ever have a problem with anything we post about anything, from spring practices to jersey color (ha!) to why I really like Will Muschamp, please, please contact us at thelegacyx4 AT gmail. We will be more than happy to do our best to satisfy any of your requests.