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Spring Practice Report for 3/25/09

Today was definitely a very dreary day and not a whole lot of new stuff went down.

1. Still saw roughly 5 guys on the beach. Luckily no one got injured today. They were still in jerseys, shorts, and helmets.

2. I saw a new drill today where they had someone push on the center from the front while he snapped the ball to the QB. I guess this was used to get the center used to engaging a defender right after the snap. I saw only one or two botched snaps. I only saw about two fumbles all of practice. This is a big improvement from last year.

3. When the defense broke apart from the offense after special teams practice, they went into a nickel formation. The two linebackers were Griffin and Jefferson, and the hybrid type DB was Cooper Taylor. The second string linebackers were Sylvester and Jackson with Mario Edwards as the extra DB. The Wolf position players at practice (hybrid LB/DB) were Mario Edwards, Cooper Taylor, AT Barnes, and Malcolm Munroe. Jon Lockhart, who was moved from A-back to defense, practiced with the safeties. Jarrard Tarrant has been showing off his skills but it might take him a week or two to get back into the groove. It looked like Correy Earls had a good showing today and had some amazing catches on defense. He might turn out to be a great DB some day.

4. Passing looked better today from the receivers and QBs. There were a couple of amazing passes and catches made by all the QBs and receivers. The QBs still had problems with overthrowing on long routes and throwing behind the receivers on slants. This is mainly a timing issue and makes sense because they haven't done it in a long time. The receivers had some issues running routes and misjudged the ball when they did miss a pass. Tevin Washington's throwing mechanics have greatly improved since last fall, but he still throws an awfully bad spiral from time to time. All the QBs looked better when running the option pass. Nesbitt sure looks smooth when he throws on the run.

5. I noticed today that all our linemen look like they are in great shape. This goes for both the offense and defense. TJ Barnes has gotten into a lot better shape and he has definitely improved his agility. This is a really good thing since it would have been tough playing on the field for about 40 snaps when he was about 350lbs. I don't see any over hanging guts on the offensive linemen. They look very toned and healthier than last year. Jaybo has gained about 15-20lbs just from his appearance. He just looks thicker and stronger. Richard Watson has lost his gut and gotten faster, and Willie White has continued to put on more weight. Poor Willie looked like a twig last year and still has a way to go. Cooper Taylor stills looks rather skinny though and probably has trouble putting on weight with his frame. He would do so much more damage if he put on another 15 or 20lbs.

Another good day and you could tell the rust is coming off at a good pace. We probably won't see any position upsets until they start wearing pads at the end of this week and the beginning of next week.