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Spring Practice Report: Day 1

Spring Practice Report Day 1, courtesy of DJ

Today was a beautiful day to start off spring practice. It was a little
overcast, but the temperature was perfect.

1. Players were wearing helmets and shorts, no pads until Saturday
(probably), there were 5 players sitting on the beach (another term for
being injured), I could only identify [ed.'s note - not big on naming who is hurt, it was two linemen].

2. The day started off with stretching and then special teams, they had
everybody and their mom returning kickoffs and punt returns, I saw
Roddy, Tarrant, Cooper, and Marcus Wright to name a few

3. After special teams, everyone moved into their position drills
working on technique, they had three centers snapping to the QBs, those
three were Sean Bedford, Zach Fraysier, and Nick McRae

4. When it came time for the offense and defense to gather at different
locations the lineups became apparent, there was a surprise to me on
the starting defense, it goes:

1st String Defense:
DE Robert Hall
DT Ben Anderson DT Jason Peters
DE Derrick Morgan
OLB Steven Sylvester (this kid never got substituted out, he is a
MLB Brad Jefferson**
OLB Sedric Griffin
CB Rashaad Reid
CB Mario Butler
S Morgan Burnett
S Dominique Reese
** Kyle Jackson was sometimes substituted in for Jefferson
1st String Offensive Line:
LT Brad Sellers
LG Joseph Gilbert
C Sean Bedford
RG Cord Howard
RT Austin Barrick

2nd String Offensive Line:
LT Phil Smith
LG Omoregie Uzzi
C Nick McRae/Zach Fraysier
RG Zach Krish
RT #64 (might be a walk on, wasn't on depth chart)

The A-backs and B-backs were constantly rotated in and out at different
spots. The QBs were pretty set with Josh taking first string and Jaybo
and Tevin splitting time with the second team.

5. They did lots of passing drills today and the frankly looked God
awful, lots of drops and poorly thrown passes, you could tell they
haven't practiced in a long time, the offense worked on a variety of
plays ranging passing plays to reverses to option passes to QB designed
runs, only problem came with Jaybo dropping most of his snaps from
under center, probably due to the rotating centers

6. Defense practiced running to the football and working on gap
assignments, nothing really special here except that during a wrap up
practice TJ Barnes about smacked the living tar out of the guy with the
hitting bag, everybody seemed to have at least one good play and Albert
Rocker continued to get chewed out for something (he got moved to the
DL from the LB spot)

Overall a good day to knock off the rust.