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Russell dealing with textile newbs

Russell is under fire recently for closing a plant in Honduras. Multiple universities are ending their contracts with Russell due to the happenstance that a union was forming as the plant was closing and supposed poor conditions in the textile plant.

Here's news for all the Russell haters: All cut and sew shops are exactly the same. They're all in the Caribbean, India, China, or Southeast Asia. And typically there are lines to work in these facilities because they have better conditions than all other companies in the host country.

American consumers have driven all of the cut and sew shops from America by demanding $8 t-shirts instead of $10. And here's something most people don't know... Typically, the different brand polos or sweatshirts come out of the same plant and the only thing that differentiates Nike from Reebok from Starter is the last man on the cut and sew line that stitches an emblem onto the breast.

Sure, there are "special products" but a majority of your apparel is made from the same polyester/nylon/spandex producers (like my company). Then, knitted by the same companies and finally cut and sewn by the same companies. The only real difference you see is a price tag based on brand.

Any thoughts on the Russell Athletics scandal? Do you buy only American made products?