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Remembering the shot heard 'round ATL

Above: #3 Jarrett Jack, #11 Will Bynum, #12 Luke Schenscher, #42 Clarence Moore, #24 Marvin Lewis

How can anyone forget the shot Will Bynum made to send Tech to the National Championship in 2004? Every time I reflect on the play, I tell people it's one of two times I high-fived my dad. The other time was the 1992 NLCS when Sid Bream slid home and was SAFE. One of my buddies from Pittsburgh has a shirt that says, "Pittsburgh Pirates: Rebuilding Since 1992."

The game was on April 3, 2004. The shot was made off a pick and roll with 1.5 seconds remaining against a favored Oklahoma State team giving Tech a 67-65 win. Every bit of the play is still stuck in my head. Great times.

Anyone like to reflect on past Tech moments, go ahead.