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Perfect Option to become Non-Commie Roulette

Easily, the most exciting thing about next football season is the incredible amount of nasty firepower we can bring out of the backfield. A quick and incomplete rundown of our personnel:

-Lucas Cox (whom I personally saw drag VT players all over the field)
-Jonathan Dwyer (ACC Player of the Year, and the greatest runningback in the state)
-Roddy Jones I still want to hug him every time I see him around campus, simply because of the UGA game)
-Marcus Wright (fast as lightning, and apparently learned how to catch the ball at the bowl game that won't be named)
-Anthony Allen (the fairly beastly runningback from Louisville)
-Josh Nesbitt (as DRich once put, a straight up gangsta)
-Jaybo Shaw (played like a maestro at points last season)

A discussion over at StingTalk points out something pretty interesting about Allen's recent interview with Heather Dinich.

Of course, AA had a ton of time to learn all of the positions... but what if Nesbitt spends a little time at A-Back, even if only at practice? Not only will his reads improve, but what on earth does a defense do when it sees Lucas Cox at B-Back with Dwyer and Nesbitt at A-Back? Having Nesbitt throw out of a sweep play to Dwyer, Hill, or our favorite Demaryius Thomas, and we are seeing some exciting things happen with a scheme that most people write off as a football system of yore. Of course, I'm probably just talking crazy talk, but then again, we did see a pass to a lineman during our biggest game of the year, so I am not writing anything off.

Regardless, good things on our horizon, and Spring practice starts 3 weeks from today. Football has almost returned, even if it is only for a little while.