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Oglesby Ejection: Lone Vigilante or Second Shooter?

Terrence Oglesby, Clemson's best 3-point shooter, was ejected last night for throwing a bow to the face of Michigan's Stu Douglass. The video evidence appears to be on Douglass' side but upon further review was the ejection too harsh and ultimately what cost Clemson a shot at OU? Here's a second clip from the side. It looks like a mixture of separating from Douglass' grasp, collision with Booker, aggressive reaction by Oglesby, and basketball acting on Douglass' part, to me.

Either way Clemson should've won that game. 40:28 rebounding advantage including 20 offensive boards should've equaled a W. Purnell's gotta get the post-season monkey off Clemson's back. It's one thing to get a bunch of wins in the regular season but postseason is what brings in the dough and gives you leverage in the off-season (ala Paul Hewitt's '04 team).