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Maryland Terribles Preview

Tech's first ACC series is this weekend at home against the mighty 4-4 Maryland Terrapins. Generally speaking we should expect to sweep the Terps or at least take 2 out of 3. The Terps are batting .286 and just recently were swept by a scrappy UNC-Wilmington team. Hope y'all are ready for a blood bath.

Tech bball finishes the regular season against BC on Saturday. BC's recent upset by NC State makes GT a must win for BC's tournament hopes while GT is playing for pride and "momentum" going into the ACCT. I wanna win this game. I wanna win the ACCT. The best thing for the ACC would be Tech magically pulling a Georgia this year and taking the ACCT and sending an additional team to the tourney. That would be sweet.

Any thoughts on MD? I know Vu probably has some. Anyone think basketball season flew by?