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I like tennis skirts (and non-rev sports)

Creepy title, but it's true.

The Georgia Tech Women's Tennis team clinched a big ACC win over 17th ranked FSU yesterday.

Among the Jackets, Noelle Hickey stood out most to me during the match. Upon entering singles play, Noelle was playing decently, but was making too many small mistakes that began to add up very quickly. At one point she began scolding herself during the match, after knocking one too many returns about a foot too far down the court. After a rough 2-6 start in set 1, Noelle got her play together and won her final two sets 7-6 and 6-4. Congratulations, Noelle.

By the way, the Men's Rugby team beat Emory, and I forgot to tell you. My bad. For the final conference standings, they were tied with Kennesaw State, but since they beat that ass during the season, the Jackets take hold of their third consecutive conference title. Very nice, very badass accomplishment, gentlemen.

Also, the softball team christens their new field on Tuesday at 2 o'clock, more to come, however, I want to encourage anyone who can make it to show up. It is the first game the ladies will play on Tech campus, in a beautiful, brand spanking new venue. Good times will be had, but only if you show up. See you there!