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FSU Preview

How do we win: Lewis Clinch must score at least 20 points. Gani Lawal must have a double-double. And a forward (e.g. Peacock or Alade) must have at least 10 points. Fouls, free throws, etc.. don't mean shit to our team. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Keep our play aggressive and mean and knock FSU off their game like we did Clemson.

How do we lose: We try to win with point guard play. Hewitt's guards are meant for two things - laying siege to the lane and defending other guards. If we can't limit our guards' turnovers, we're sunk. Half court play is not our forte...let's keep it in transition all game.

X-Factor: Paul Hewitt has coached in a lot of postseason games at Tech (26 to be exact) with a .500 record in Tech postseason since the 2001 NCAA's. Hewitt's teams are usually built for tournament play rather than regular season championships with average depth and rangey athletes.

Prediction: Tech by 3.