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Early bracket thoughts

Let me start by stating that GT played 8 tourney teams this season (7 ACC teams and Southern Cal). And obviously GT had a brutal time of it only winning 2 games against tourney-bound teams.

First thing I found humorous as an ACC homer/SEC hater were the 3 bids accidentally assigned to members of the SEC. Wow, what a pathetic state the SEC is in. Way to build off those UF national championships. I'm gonna assume that if Miss State hadn't won the SEC title, USC would've gotten that third bid. Either way... HA!

Looking to members of the ACC, the roads look mighty treacherous for a national title:

10) Maryland - PAC10 matchup favors the Terps. I think they should make it into a danceoff with Memphis. Surviving much further? Probably not.

7) Clemson - The NCAA's want to make sure Clemson doesn't make it out of the first round. Michigan is on a roll but Clemson is a better team. I don't see Clemson making it past OK though.

7) BC - BC is in a similar situation to Clemson. Playing a team with momentum (Southern Cal) and a looming big time opponent in Michigan State. However, Michigan State is beatable, in my opinion, for BC.

5) FSU - If FSU doesn't make the Sweet 16, someone in Tallahassee should get a punch in the throat.

4) Wake - Why am I worried about Wake choking? I don't know but I'm concerned for the well-being of that sophomore/freshmen team.

2) Duke - I really want to see Nova and Duke play in the Sweet 16. The Elite of Choke Jobs: Duke vs. Villanova. I can't wait.

1) UNC - Unfortunately, I think we got screwed as a conference as UNC is in the strongest bracket by far. They put the three Big East teams in brackets opposite Duke, Michigan State, and Memphis - three teams that have shown glaring flaws this season. While UNC is opposite Oklahoma, a debate worthy one seed.

Oh well. We'll see. Good luck to ACCers as they hit the hardwood.