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Dean Jim Dull has passed away

Dean Dull, the man who brought the one and only Ramblin' Reck to campus, has passed away. A memorial service will be held at Peachtree Christian Church on Sunday April 5th at 2pm.

Dean Dull's impact on campus is felt every time the Ramblin' Reck takes the field. He sought after a Reck that was representative of the entire student body where everyone could feel a sense of ownership. Dean Dull's legacy lives on through the Ramblin' Reck and will continue to do so into the future.

Here is a video of Dean Dull talking about how he acquired the one and only Ramblin' Reck.
The Reck is currently maintained and preserved by the Ramblin' Reck Club.

RIP Dean Dull. You will be missed