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Day 5: Big East rolls

Wow, Duke and Purdue got dominated. I didn't wanna see it 'cause I had them both advancing but their small lineups just got tossed around last night. Duke was outrebounded 46:32, had five shots blocked, and only shot 26.7% from the field. An L was inevitable. Purdue was outrebounded 42:31, had six shots blocked, and only shot 36.4% from the field. UConn overwhelmed the Boilermakers but at least the Boilermakers may have solace knowing that Jim Calhoun is a cheating SOB. His teams are about as legit as the 80's East German Olympic teams. On to Day 6 of the tourney. Hopefully, UNC can hold the dim light that is the ACC torch.

Quick Conference Roundup
ACC: 5-6 (45.5%)
Big East: 14-2 (87.5%)
Big 10: 6-6 (50.0%)
Big 12: 10-3 (76.9%)
SEC: 1-3 (25.0%)
PAC 10: 6-5 (54.5%)
Other: 10-27 (27.0%)