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Day 1 dust settles

After Day 1, my bracket went 13 of 16. Clemson (my ACC homerism) let me down alongside Illinois so I've lost two Sweet 16 teams, which isn't terrible but still sad. The other mistake was Washington over Mississippi State. I shouldn't have trusted the damn SEC. I knew they were terrible... Today, I'll probably take some big hits but we'll see.

As of right now, UNC and UConn look pretty strong (playing cupcakes). Duke, Nova, and Memphis struggled pretty mightily against their patsies. After last night, I don't see Michigan (or Clemson if they'd won) getting past OU.

Quick Conference Roundup (will update throughout tourney)
ACC: 3-1 (75.0%)
Big East: 2-0 (100.0%)
Big 10: 2-2 (50.0%)
Big 12: 3-0 (100.0%)
SEC: 1-1 (50.0%)
PAC 10: 2-1 (66.7%)
Other: 3-11 (21.45)

Any thoughts out there on Day 1?