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Checking in on Colin Peek

Great changes can have great consequences, and one of the consequences of CPJ's arrival was the loss of the tight end position, and therefore the loss of our tight ends as we knew them. One very notable one, Colin Peek, transferred to Alabama to play for the one and only Nick Saban (whom he apparently "fell in love with"... Nick Saban does strange things to people, I tell ya).

Peek was an excellent tight end, and if my memory serves me correctly, was the most reliable receiver we had on the team when Bennett was still hurling passes. Peek had to sit out a year, but apparently has landed on his feet, and is ready to show his goods.

It definitely sucks that we had to lose a player like Peek, but it is nice to see him wind up somewhere his skills can be used, and not against us. Good luck this season, Colin.

Thanks to Heather Dinich's blog for the tip (under Georgia Tech Local).