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Busy Tuesdays

Just received text from Winfield/Dane: "At the beach, blog abandoned for week"

Silly Bird. Spring break is for kids.

So here are some quick hits from the news world. Ninth seeded Tech is headed to Iowa to play the Hawkeyes in the Women's NCAA Tournament. Congrats to Coach Joseph. Women's bball is becoming a legit ACC team. Mark Bradley pours some gas on the fire Hewitt fire. Softball is on a five game win streak headed into today's games against Western Carolina. And the Joltin' Jackets welcome inner-metro rival Kennesaw State to the Rusty C. for a home-home series starting today.

If there's one team I've been waiting to see this year, it's baseball. I wanna see the GT bats hittin' like they used to.

Also, here is an awesome website with 1990/2008 highlights on it. Shawn Jones is a bad mother.