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Beesball Sweeps

Traveling backwards....

Sunday finished off a warm welcoming weekend into the ACC Season as the Yellow Jackets finished off and swept the Terps 10-7. Big props to Chase Burnett as he broke the 7-7 tie in the 8th inning with a huge 3-run go ahead bomb. However, the game was pretty sloppy as Maryland committed 3 erros and Tech committed 1 but easily could have been given 1 or 2 more.

Saturday was a massacre. 24-3. 24 runs are the most runs scored in an ACC game since GT beat Virginia 27-2. How can you NOT like aluminum bats in the college game?!
Friday was a solid pitching performance by Deck McGuire as he shut the Terps down.

Some key things to look at and think about:
  • We are still very inconsistent offensively although I like seeing some flashes of "small ball" being played this year.
  • If Maryland put up a decent fight in 2 of 3 games, the ACC season will be tough. Bring it on.
  • Relief pitching is shaky. Too many walks......
  • Matt Skole is freaking legit.
Next Game: vs. Mercer, March 10 @ 4pm