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Barfly swatter

Is this really GT related? Probably not. The weekend, for me, was a nice return to ATL. I met up with old friends and acquaintances that I hadn't seen in years/months/etc.. Good times. We observed the Chapel Hill Massacre on Saturday.

However, Thursday night, I was out on the town in Florence. Went out to our usual dives and then decided to hit up a college-type bar closer to Francis Marion. I was mostly interested in consuming beer while my buddies were interested in the "live entertainment."

I sat down at the bar and was immediately latched onto by a drunk 40+ woman. She proceeds to lecture me on industrial safety after she hears my occupation is engineering. Then, she tells me her son owns the bar. So I think, "Sweet, let's ride this out and get my tab paid for." Well, as I get another beer from the bartender she tells him to put all of my drinks on her tab to which he responds, "No, you've got no tab and you're son bailed on us four months ago. We haven't seen him or received any payments on bills or tabs since. He's banned for life from here."

Wow. So, she kind of slithered out the back exit and I covered her $3.00 in wine. Why did I share that? I just wanted the blogging public to know where I'm coming from on this fine Monday morning in South Cackalack. Barhopping in Florence is like barhopping at a highway rest stop: No Shirt No Shoes No Service, only give money to women behind counters, and don't sit on the toilets.