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ACC football musings

Apparently Cutcliffe, like America, decided Zach Asack's name was too ironic to play quarterback and is moving the career punching bag to safety. Asack was suspended in '06 for plagiarism and has been stuck behind Thaddeus Lewis ever since. In case you were wondering, he's been sacked 27 times in his career.

Andy Staples wrote an interesting article about Russell Wilson on Too bad all of this hype is for naught 'cause Jon Dwyer will take ACC POTY back to back seasons.

And finally FSU is fighting their win forfeitures. I understand their case. GT had a similar (not identical) situation but personally I think FSU's record should remain blemished. The sheer level of cheating was pretty reDUNKulous. However, why are they only attacking FSU when the NCAA truly needs to audit a lot of school's approaches to treatment of athletes in academia. If the NCAA wants to get on a high horse about FSU, why not other schools that relegate athletes to "General Studies" and "Communications" majors? Schools that truly don't care about educating their student athletes should all be punished.

So goes life.