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Thursday News Musings


We filled our holes and did what we needed to do. We also finished with 14 in-state. The most in 15 years. The highlights of our signing class involve huge 344 pound hoss JC Lanier followed by hyped Indiana quarterback Jordan Luallen. And yes, we kept Stephen Hill!

Coley Harvey speaks of Paul Johnson's "calmness" through the signing day process. Honestly, CPJ has that attitude where he just lets everything slip on by as if he is oblivious. But he knows, and when the time is right, he'll take his vengeance on ya.

Terrence Moore gives Paul Johnson "mad props" for handling Donte Aycock. That kid had every chance to not lose his scholarship here. Sucks for him.

From the article:

"I reiterated that to him, ‘Don’t get on that plane, Dontae,’" said a calmer Johnson, recalling the moment on Wednesday from an Atlantic Station hotel. "His high school coach went and told him, ‘Don’t get on that plane, Dontae,’ and he did. So when he chose to do that, he was telling me he didn’t want to come to Georgia Tech anymore. So we moved on."

Too bad … for Aycock.

Then again, Aycock was perfect for Johnson’s unique offense. It features the triple option, which means Johnson needs a certain type of player. You also have Johnson’s unique personality, which means he needs a certain type of player, too. It’s the type of player who understands what Aycock didn’t. Which is, you better listen to what Johnson says, because he will be true to his word.

Which means you should to.

No wonder Aycock’s high school coach, Brian Turner, keeps shaking his head. Not over Johnson, but Aycock. "[The Tech coaches] were pretty upfront the whole time," said Turner, in his seventh season at the same Tampa high school that his father coached long enough to become the winningest football coach in Hillsborough County history. In addition, Chamberlain High has "about 100" coaches recruiting its players each year with many reaching BCS schools and NFL teams.


Yes, the season continues onward. We must play again. Time to improve and win an away game.

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