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Super Bowl Weekend Recap

Happy Groundhog Day. Sorry to inform you all that there are 6 more weeks of effin' cold for anyone living above the Mason Dixon. I foresee two more weeks of chilly weather in SC then some back-sweat creating heat for about 6 months.

So Saturday afternoon was a nice bball experience. Went to my first ACC game this season. GT finally showed up for its first ACC game of the season. Here are my thoughts: We won on free throw shooting and a strong inside game. Mo Miller is the point guard even though Iman has the talent he's still more of a combo guard. Gani is damn good.

Afterwards, I stayed for a little bit of the Letterman's Game. Watched Dennis Scott and Deion Glover trade NBA threes for a bit. Marvin Lewis still has a ridiculously smooth shot. Jeremis Smith got in the crowd-pleasing thunder dunks while former walk-on David Nelson ran point. Pretty good stuff.

Concerning the Super Bowl, I thought it was a pleasant game. I wish the Cardinals could've had one more shot at the red zone but what can you say. Whiz said it best when asked about Fitzgerald takin' it to the house, "We left them too much time." The ACC/SEC Blog actually did a pretty good write up of ACC/SEC alum that were in the Super Bowl so check that out if you're interested in conference talent and conference vs. conference info.

What do you think about a longer winter? Have you ever tried groundhog meat? What's in store for GT BBall? Will the Cards resign Boldin or let their Super Bowl team dissolve in the off-season?