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Starbury stompin' in Bean Town

Stephon Marbury finally reached a deal with the New York Knicks. Starbury's next destination is most likely the Boston Celtics where he can be the #2 point guard and give some instant offense to a Celtics bench that is struggling.

I've always enjoyed watching Stephon Marbury. I only remember a few of his games from college (due to his short stay) but I remember him havin' some pretty sweet skills for a freshman. I know there are some GT fans that feel slighted by Marbury's quick jump to the NBA and his sometimes complete lack of charisma on the national stage but honestly the guy isn't that bad.

His Starbury apparel line is pretty indicative of the type of person that he is. Not many NBAers take risks like Stephon and I applaud his efforts. I hope he succeeds at Boston.

Any thoughts on the Starbury deal, the NBA, or players leaving college early?