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'Reck Nostalgia

I had a little nostalgia this past weekend. Drove the Wreck from Alexander Memorial to North Avenue Apartments. I can't say that I was gettin' watery-eyed but the same excitement and pure joy before leaving the tunnel was definitely pumping through me again. And I'll tell you right now that it's like a bicycle. It's hard to forget how to drive a Model A. A modern stick is much more difficult.

You feel every churn and strain in the Model A motor and it really only takes about a month to get good and maybe two solid months to master double clutching. I think the really hard part is endurance 'cause all of the pedals are mechanical and take some leg strength to really manipulate. I (unfortunately) missed a lot of the parades in Atlanta but I hear multi-mile parades take an incredible toll on the calves.

I miss driving the car but I wouldn't want to be the Driver for more than year - not to put a damper on Winfield. It takes a ton of work, time, and patience. How many 23 year olds can say they've been to 40+ weddings? Anyone out there that's been to more than me, I pity...Ha.

Anyone out there ever driven a Model A, own a classic car, or have any interesting Ramblin' Wreck stories?