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Ramblin' Reck History: A Story

The history of the one and only Ramblin' Reck can be a little vague. So here is a story that adds to what makes the Reck so special:

Honestly, this is one of my favorites. The Reck was taken to Knoxville and painted Tennessee Volunteer Orange after the Reck Club had been told by UT officials that it would be taken care of. The following article was written by the Sports Editor of the Technique in reponse to the act. I hope y'all enjoy it.

Trivia Tidbit: GA Representative Phil Gingrey was the Reck Driver that year.

Vols Paint Reck, UT to Receive Bill
Jim Simpson, Sports Editor, October 18, 1963

There is no news in the fact that the Yellow Jackets flattened the UT Vols last Saturday. No doubt the Jackets would have won even had they not been angry over losing 7-6 to LSU, but anger can produce the desire to exert that little bit extra, and the Recks probably got a little hot under the collar upon seeing the Ramblin' Reck painted glaring red-orange.

That's right-RED-ORANGE. The Reck was towed to Knoxville last Friday and stored under lock and key on the UT campus. The administration of the University of Tennessee had agreed to provide for the security of the car, and should have had the foresight to preclude any attempts by pranksters to tamper
with our Model A. However there was no nightwatchman, and someone succeeded in breaking in and painting the Reck-top, sides and tires-rather thoroughly.

I would say that we at Tech are definitely not against practical jokes, but the UT boys carried this one a little too far. One hears from time to time of the kidnapping of a mascot, but as yet I haven't heard of one being shot, which is comparable to the dousing of the Reck.

The repair bills will be sent shortly to the University, with the hope of being reimbursed in full. However this expectation may never be compiled with after the much disputed and finally refused protest of UT Athletic director Bob Woodruff concerning the 54 yard pass play by Lothridge and Davis in last
Saturday's game.

Speaking of "shooting a mascot"...about 5 years later, an Auburn fan shot the Ramblin' Reck in the radiator.